Vague Salvaje

Is a blog about fashion, art, lifestyle, anything that’s salvaje enough.
Salvaje is the Spanish word for wild, savage. Vague is the French word for wave.
Vague Salvaje is a wave of wild stuff.
Experimental, conceptual, out there, fierce, this is a positive blog for positive people.

Who’s behind it ?

Cedric // 22 // London // French

I won’t do the ‘I like this and that’-thing because I think it’s too basic and you can’t define someone with a couple of lines in a presentation box. I’ll talk about what I like and what I hate on this blog, how I am and how I feel, how I dress and how I live.

That being said, if you want to know a bit more about my background, I got an English and Spanish degree (salvaje right?), now I’m studying PR in London, but I’ve worked a bit in it back in France and when I grow up I wanna be a successful PR person like Samantha Jones, hooray !


I call collaborators people who will eventually be involved in any forms in this blog. Some people might come to write a piece or two on this blog, like my dear and wild friend Bee, or any other wild people I could meet on my way. Whether they’re written, wearable or visuals, I’m open to any collaboration.


Looks: Fashion will be one of the major subject of this blog. I’ll post outfits (I’m a bit of a shopaholic, forgive me father), street looks and edits.

News and comments: I live on planet fashion so I’ll share some news with you and as I can’t keep my mouth shut, some comments too. As an internet kid I spend a lot of time scrolling down, searching, watching stuffs, so I’ll share some interesting things with you.

Interviews, features : If I meet someone interesting I ask him/her questions. If I see someone out of norm, something uncommon, I can write a feature story. I can make a good use of my camera so this can takes several forms

Travel journal: Wherever I’ll go I’ll try to share things that I see, stories about people that I’ve met, always fashion or art related. Salvaje is international.

Bisou !