Salvaje’s Update & New Things Coming

I know it’s been almost a couple weeks since I haven’t post anything, but don’t worry more exciting things are in the work.

First of all I created a new category called ‘Fashion PR’ where I’ll post some post about Fashion PR along with career updates since I’m a PR student (for the moment) I would like to give an insight of what PR especially in Fashion. You can expect posts about how it works in the industry, tips to find an internship/job, debates about changes in the industry, that kind of things you know.

There again, don’t worry I’ll still keep the glossy side of the blog with style picks and more personal looks coming very soon. Especially since I dropped my bottle of fabric conditioner on a pile of jeans and trousers and ruined them in seconds. It happens that I just need a ‘wardrobe revamp’, what a coincidence…

I also created several header to make the blog more interactive, all of them are created by me and inspired by the brand hi-jacking trend going on since the last 2 years approx.

Stay tuned,

Bisou !


About Cedric

22 boy // French blogger // Based in London //
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