Instaweek in London

Just a quick post with some pictures from my Instagram’s account (follow me @vaguesalvaje !). Since the sales will be over soon I used my free time to go from store to store, trying to find some pieces missing in my wardrobe.

Printed Shirt – H&M
Jumper – Zara
Coated Jean – Zara

I haven’t really shopped at Zara during the last two years, but I have to admit that I have never bought that much things from them than I did this month. However, even if I really liked this coated jean, I found a better one at Topman after my visit to Zara, so… I took it. Pictures are coming soon. I was looking for a cobalt blue sweater and oh surprise Zara had one ! But since I saw this fluffy jumper from the Louis Vuitton AW14 show a couple days ago, I returned it and went looking for one like that. Still haven’t found it, any folks at Vuitton who want to send me one ? I’ll wear it everyday, I promise.

Cotton Blazer Jacket – Zara
Sweater – Isabel Marant x H&M

I found this cool cotton blazer, very ‘Isabel Marant x H&M’ in fact. Instant crush. Effortless cool I’d say. Anyway, if you want it go check at your local Zara since it’s already sold-out on their online shop.

Coming tomorrow -> The purple edit ! If you read the trend report from the PFW, you saw that purple is one of this season’s color and since I fancy this color I’ll prepare a little edit for you boys and girls, there’s no need to wait February until the pieces arrive in store, there’s already plenty of purple around.

Bisou !


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