Salvaje’s Outfit: Sunset and palm trees of January

I enjoyed my holiday break in Marseille, France, a few weeks ago to shoot this outfit. The place you see is ‘Le Corbusier’, built by the same man who gave his name to this construction. I’m always captivated by the aesthetic of this building and the peace that reigns on its rooftop.

On the 'Corbusier' rooftop in Marseille, FranceBiker Jacket – Topman
Jumper – Versace x H&M
Slim Jean – Zara
Shoes – Nike Air Vortex 

So this day I decided to wear palms and blue, first of all because I love prints, especially tropical and baroque as I told you in my previous post but also because this jumper is very precious to me. Even if it’s almost 4 years-old I always took care of it. I know this sounds a little bit odd, but there’s some garments that I like so much that I want to keep them in good condition so I treat them with the greatest care in the world, whether it’s a designer piece or not.


Le Corbusier, Marseille, France

Floral and tropical are still in the air, so if I suggest you get a floral sweater or bomber jacket if you haven’t already had. As you can see I’m all green and blue, but be careful with those colors. Blue is ok, but green is a bit tricky since you can’t pair it with everything. I personally thinks something like my Versace x H&M jumper goes very well with blue, tobacco and maybe yellow (I haven’t tried that one yet). Hopefully now you see more and more clothes and accessories in teal green which is more ‘discreet’ and easier to mix and match with other colors.

Taken on the moment

Taken on the moment

When it comes to running shoes, I don’t know what to think. This ‘sport-chic’ thing is still on and to be honest even I think that running shoes should be used for…running, I’m having trouble getting rid of them. The thing is, you feel so confortable in them that you don’t want to trade them with a pair of loafers or brogues anymore.

Bisou !


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One Response to Salvaje’s Outfit: Sunset and palm trees of January

  1. The scenery is stunning! Wish I was in France.. And the last sentences are so true haha


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