Salvaje’s Diary: Back in London and on Social Medias

It’s been a few days since I’m back in London and sales are still there, so you know my wallet’s been burning a little bit. Here are some of my findings, here and there, from a fitting room to another.

White Slim Shirt – COS
Patterned Sweater – COS


Of course COS is among my favorite brand, I own a couple of things from them and I have to admit that they clearly passed the test of time, in terms of trend and quality. So go for it, online or in-store, buy everything you can !

Ain’t Laurent Without Yves Tee
Black Skinny Jean – Indigo & Maine

I also made a quick stop at Urban Outfitters, since I was desperately looking at a black skinny jean I thought I’d give them a chance! I bought that black skinny jean from UO’s brand Indigo & Maine. Some of them were on sales at £30 but the size I took (W29) was priced at £55 because some times they put some discounts of pairs that were on the display table blabla -nonsense excuse from the salesman-, anyway I needed it so I bought it.


Black Skinny Jean – Indigo & Maine
Braided Portfolio Case – Zara
Limited Edition Leather Boots – Zara
Flower Tee – Zara

Usually I’m not a big Zara fan, even though I have to admit that they ofter have some good replicas of designer clothes I do not buy frequently things from them. But this time was quite a big surprise. I got tempted by their online store so I ventured myself in those endless pages of clothes from their catalogue. I ordered the portfolio case, the tee and the boots, got them delivered to a store and when I opened the pandora box, dear lord I fainted.

The portfolio was the perfect size to put my laptop in, it’s not real leather though but it looks fairly good. Then it was a pleasant surprise to see that the t-shirt was made in Portugal, meaning it’s from a limited line and better quality.  When I opened the boots’ shoebox, I almost had a heart attack, then when I looked at the price tag, I passed out. I’m a bit exaggerating on this one but to be honest I got them at £49.99 instead of £129 and the best part is that they’re made of 100% cow leather and made in Spain, so bravo Zara ! They’re part from the Zara Studio Line, which consists in a very limited line of garments (for men and women) manufactured in Europe only with exquisite and quality fabrics. Most of the time there’s only a few pieces available for each garments, and these ones were all gone in 2 days. Maybe you can still get your hands on a pair if you check at your local Zara store, sometimes they have stuff that aren’t listed on the online store anymore.

Zara Limited Edition leather boots

Ok so now let’s talk a bit about social medias, just so you know Vague Salvaje is on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr so feel free to follow me on these platforms !

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Bisou !


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