La Vague Salvaje

Welcome everyone on Vague Salvaje !

Let me start with a quick introduction. Vague Salvaje is a blog about fashion, art, lifestyle, anything that’s salvaje enough.
Salvaje is the Spanish word for wild, savage. Vague is the French word for wave.
Vague Salvaje is a wave of wild stuff.
Experimental, conceptual, out there, fierce, this is a positive blog for positive people.

I’ll be the ‘main person’ posting here but there might be some guests, like my dear and wild friend Bee, as we’re both completely salvaje. Any salvaje person out there is also entitled to be a guest here. If you want to know more about me and the blog is general I suggest you check the ‘About’ page above, which is more detailed than this first post.

Finally, main sections of this blog include :

Looks: Fashion is one of the major subject of this blog. I’ll post outfits (I’m a bit of a shopaholic, forgive me father), street looks and edits.

News and comments: I live on planet fashion so I’ll share some news with you and as I can’t keep my mouth shut, some comments too. As an internet kid I spend a lot of time scrolling down, searching, watching stuffs, so I’ll share some interesting things with you.

Interviews, features : If I meet someone interesting I ask him/her questions. If I see someone out of norm, something uncommon, I can write a feature story. I can make a good use of my camera so this can takes several forms

Travel journal: Wherever I’ll go I’ll try to share things that I see, stories about people that I’ve met, always fashion or art related. Salvaje is international.

PS: I’m French, so please pardon my english 😉

Bisou !


About Cedric

22 boy // French blogger // Based in London //
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